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How To Choose the Primary Camera for Your Snapbyte Video Recorder

Many times we get tickets from users asking us how to change the camera Snapbyte is using to record their videos.

This is quite common when the user has 2 or more cameras setup on their computer and in many of these cases, the user would prefer to use their external camera which often is the better option but Snapbyte is forcefully using their inbuilt computer webcam.

The solution is simple:

First understand that Snapbyte is a web based video recorder and relies 100% on the browser to function, practically... we're only able to get the screen, video and audio input the browser (chrome, safari or firefox) feeds us.

So to change this.

You need to go into your browser's preferences or settings and locate the camera settings to make this change (this is same thing you have to do with Microphone to change audio input).




For Safari/Mac users, you make this change inside your system preferences.

NOTE: if was initially permitted to record videos on any of these browsers, you should delete the permission.

And finally, restart your browser or computer and Snapbyte will work with your preferred camera option.

Updated on: 07/11/2021

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