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How to Create Podcasts Inside Adilo

A step by Step Guide on How to Create Podcast (Audio, Video or Hybrid)

Good news! You don’t have to go elsewhere to create your podcast,

Adilo now features video, audio, and (the much requested) podcast hosting.

An all-in-one media platform built for you.

You can create:
Audio-only Podcasts
Video-only Podcasts
Hybrid Podcasts

If you're wondering "what's hybrid podcast?"
Well, it's a mix of video and audio inside one podcast, cool, right?

Before we begin, there are some things you should know

To create a podcast, you must have an existing project

You can convert your existing video and audio files into podcasts

You can use our Snapbyte recorder to record a video or audio which you can convert to a podcast

To create a podcast, you have 2 options:

Upload a new podcast episode into your project
Convert an existing video or audio file into a podcast

Step 1: Turn A Media File into a Podcast Episode
First, we will identify the audio or video file we want to use and click on the ellipses (3 dots) beside it on the right side of the screen

This will open a dropdown, in the options menu, click on “Edit meta information”,

A pop-up will appear for you fill in the necessary information. Enter the description, tags and author name

Once you've completed those then Click on Advanced Podcast Information which expands to ask for extra meta data.

Note: the cover art image you want to upload must be square and at least 1400px X 1400px and no more than 3000px X 3000px
After uploading the image successfully, click on Apply to save all the information added

This may take a few seconds to save changes.
Note: You repeat the same process for all audio and video files you want to include in the podcast

Let us proceed to most interesting part!

The next step is to open the Playlist & Podcast option on the left side of your screen

Then select, the option to create at the left side of your screen

Just as we filled the meta information previously for each video or audio file
We will also carefully fill out the necessary information required
After doing that, proceed by clicking on the + sign close to the caption
" Advanced information"

Then continue adding the necessary information required
When filling out this information you will come across Host Name and Author's Name
These have different meanings, as in some cases, the Host might not be the same as the Author
Please, verify before filling out the information

It's now time to add the audio/ video files we want to include to our podcast, this would be the files we already filled out their meta information

And we click on Next

This will take us to where we can select our podcast theme and publish our podcast

And we are done!

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Updated on: 11/05/2024

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