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Introducing Bulk Action Tools to Help You Manage Your Videos Better

In the past, users have had to delete their videos singly. I can imagine the hassle when you have a bunch of videos to delete, and then the only way is to delete it one by one or maybe you plan on moving a dozen videos to another project. Not so cool.

Unto bigger things now.

We have released a new feature that will help Adilo users simply check boxes and perform bulk actions on their videos and audio.

We are so excited about this, are you?

Step 1: Open a project and hover on your files to select the videos and audios you want or simply use the checkbox on the project menu to select all the files.

Note: All the videos will be selected if you click on the checkbox by the “ByDate” sorting option.

Step 2: Choose the preferred bulk action you want, you have a choice to Delete, Copy, Move or Duplicate the files.

With this fantastic feature, you can begin managing your videos and audios more efficiently on Adilo.

Expect more exciting updates!

Let us know what you think in the comments section.

Updated on: 07/10/2021

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