Tags are used to segment your contacts into groups. Adilo features manual and automated tagging capabilities based on predefined set of rules.

Manual Contact Tagging

To add a tag manually to a contact:

From the [Contacts](https://adilo.bigcommand.com/contacts) page, click the contact you want to add tags to. This opens the contact detail page.
Scroll down to the Tags section on the right-hand side. In the provided field, enter the tag and click the + button to add.

Automatic Tagging on Sign Up

Contacts can be automatically tagged when they sign up. To enable this feature, you'll need to add tabs in your sign-up form. 

**How do I set up sign-up forms on my videos?**


Add the tags in the provided Tag field. This tag will be applied to every new contact that signs up.

 [](https://bigcommand-help.kayako.com/article/39-adding-contacts-subscribers-in-my-account)Condition-based Automatic Tagging

Conditionally apply tags to your contacts based on the watch history and behavior.

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