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How to tag my contacts

Tags are used to segment your contacts into groups. Adilo features manual and automated tagging capabilities based on predefined set of rules.

Manual Contact Tagging

To add a tag manually to a contact:

From the [Contacts]( page, click the contact you want to add tags to. This opens the contact detail page.
Scroll down to the Tags section on the right-hand side. In the provided field, enter the tag and click the + button to add.

Automatic Tagging on Sign Up

Contacts can be automatically tagged when they sign up. To enable this feature, you'll need to add tabs in your sign-up form. 

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Add the tags in the provided Tag field. This tag will be applied to every new contact that signs up.

 []( Automatic Tagging

Conditionally apply tags to your contacts based on the watch history and behavior.

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Updated on: 15/08/2021

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