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Connecting & Using Your Domain in Adilo

Connecting a Custom Domain

To connect a custom domain to you Adilo account, go to your Account Settings and navigate to the "My Domain" tab or simply open this url:

When the page opens, click the Add New Domain button

A modal window opens, go ahead and type in your custom domain with the sub-domain included then click the CONTINUE button

Example: if you own the website, you can't connect, you can however connect, or 

Bottom line, there must be a sub-domain, this allows us to connect via CNAME from your domain provide.

In this example, we're using: ("testing" is our subdomain)

Setup DNS Record, Verify Domain & Authorize SSL

You'll need to go to your domain provider (CloudFlare, Namecheap, GoDoaddy, Google Domains, BlueHost, HostGator etc.) and setup a DNS CNAME record.

Make sure in the CNAME record that your sub-domain is pointing to our target.

In the example above, we need to add a CNAME record "testing" for our domain and point it to our target ""

NOTE: If you are using a CDN-based domain provider like Cloudflare, make sure that you change the proxy status to DNS only just as seen below:

Once you're done, save the DNS record and then switch back to Adilo to Complete domain setup.

After completing the domain setup, it will first appear as "Unverified", give it a few minutes, sometimes it could take 48 hours depending on your domain provider and how fast your DNS recorded are updated but usually 5 - 60 minutes is average.

We'll verify your domain and apply SSL changing the status to Secured.

Edit the Domain

Adilo gives you basic control over all the domain records it's handling for you, you can also delete the domain at anytime you wish.

a) Redirect

We let you configure standard redirects: Homepage and 404. You can enter the urls you want people to be redirected to if they hit a 404 link or attempt to visit your homepage.

b) User Access

To control which of your users can have access to this domain, use it in their videos and channel, just click the "Edit User Access" link

Then enable or disable the users you want to have access (note: Account owner can't be disabled)

Once done, just save the domain and you're good to go.

Force-Ping Your Domain

Adilo checks for your domain DNS record at intervals. 

Once you're done configuring your domain, if the status has not changed to Verified or Secured, simply copy the url into your browser and load the page, this will send a forceful ping to Adilo to check your DNS record and secure the domain.

After this, your domain is ready for use.

Using Custom Domain in Your Videos

To use custom domain in your videos is super stress free

All you have to do is

Select project

Then go to project settings

Click on the caption titled " Add/Verify domain

Easy right?

Using Custom Domain in Video Channel

It's just same process as with videos.

Go to the Settings and navigate to the "Channels" menu, click on that and select the channel you want.

Once the channel is open, click on "CHANGE DOMAIN" and you can select the custom domain you want and save.

Very easy!

Updated on: 07/03/2023

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