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Integrating Zapier


This guide will help you understand, how to connect your Adilo account with zapier for automatic operations.

This is a step by step tutorial, in it we will connect adilo account with zapier to send emails to people on a video upload, along with video url.


After login, click on settings tab.
On next screen, click on  'Integrations' tab on left sidebar.
This will open integrations section, now click on 'New Integration' and choose Zapier from the options.
Type a name for your Zapier account and click continue button.![](

At this point, Adilo will accept and provide data to any 'Zap' you create on Zapier. Next up you will learn how to use zapier to connect it to Adilo.


If you followed above guide correctly you will see, Zapier connected and ability to 'Disconnect' and 'Add App'.

Now to connect the zapier, click on 'Add App'.

This will take you to zapier invite link for authorization, please login with your zapier account on that page if you haven't already.

Note: If for some reason Zapier fails to open invite link after you login, try refreshing the page or re-open from 'Add App' option on Adilo.


Click on 'Accept Invite & Build a zap' button.
On next screen click 'MAKE A ZAP' button.
On next screen, search for adilo and Click 'Adilo By Bigcommand'.![](
This will open a new section where you have two types of triggers, one is for a new video upload and other for a new video leads, for this tutorial we will use new video and click continue.
At this point, Zapier will want to authorize your Adilo account (one time process), please login using your Adilo credentials, when Zapier asks for email and password, or choose your existing adilo account, if you have already been authorized by Zapier, and click 'Continue'.
Next section will ask for connection test, it will only work if you uploaded a video recently, you can skip it for now.
Now that we have selected an 'Trigger', time to select and 'Action', for this tutorial we want the action to be a email sent to someone on video upload. So search and select Gmail in for action.
Choose 'Send Email' next.
You will now get multiple options like selecting the account to send email from and email to send this message to, and also customize your message body etc.
Zapier will also show you placeholder variables from adilo to add inside your message body, like in our case we can append video's url, as you see, I selected video's title as subject and added url inside body.![](
After customizing, you can test your connection and finally click the 'Turn on Zap', and adilo will now watch for these actions.

For syncing leads from Adilo to Zapier, do this:

For leads, just like we chose 'New Video' for Trigger above, we can instead select 'New Lead' instead.![](
Once lead is selected, just like before, Zapier will ask you to select your adilo account or add a new one.
Now leads work using a simple logic, you tell Zapier which video you want your trigger to work for, and adilo will send leads data to Zapier when that video you selected captures any lead.
To do that, Zapier will ask you for the 'id' of that video, below you see a simple way to get your video id.
A video id is just the ending hash of a video url, consider this url for example:, the 'randomval' here is your video id. Checkout the screen below on how to get your video id.![](
Now just like with New Video, you can choose variables provided by Adilo to use them in your action app in any way you like.

And this is pretty much it, you can choose any app on Zapier to customize in any way you like.

Choose files or drag and drop files

Updated on: 15/08/2021

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