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Integrating Activecampaign

To integrate Activecampaign with Adilo, go to to the integrations dashboard:

Step 1: Click on the New Integration button

Step 2: Select Active Campaign and Continue

Step 3: Configure integration

Display Name: this is for internal use only and allows you to differentiate your different ActiveCampaign integrations if you have more than 1 integrated.

API Url & API Key: you will find this information in your ActiveCampaign account, under the Developer section in your Settings menu

All you to do is copy the information and add it your Adilo account and click "Continue" button to save.

To see the integration and use it to collect leads.

Simply open your Video interactions > Email capture then select any of your list inside ActiveCampaign that you want leads generated from the video added to.

Choose files or drag and drop files

Updated on: 15/08/2021

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