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How to Record a SnapByte Video

SnapByte is an add-on software for Adilo, a web-based standalone video recording software built by BigCommand developers.

In future, the software will be completely apart from Adilo but thanks for the software being built under the same management as Adilo, all Adilo users get to enjoy SnapByte as a native feature in their account.

They're typically 2 types of SnapByte video you can create.

1: Regular >> this is the kind of video that you or your account users can create while logged into Adilo, it offers full rights.

2: Shared >> this is the kind of video that you allow 3rd parties to create and publish in your account, such 3rd parties could be in your customer  who you share a snap link with and allow them to record feedbacks, complaints etc. which are then automatically saved in your accounts.

In this article, we'll cover how to create Regular  SnapByte videos.

Step 1: Navigate to SnapByte in your account

Step 2: Click on the "Create A Snap" button in the top right, you'll be required to select a project the video will be saved to and of course, make sure "Regular" is selected in Snap Type then click on the continue

NOTE: while SnapByte video recorder supports browsers such as Firefox, it's best used on Chrome.

Step 3: Select your recording options.

- Recording a select window

- Recording entire window

NOTE: when recording entire screen, you can not record the SnapByte live preview window, it cascades, recording starts when you switch to another screen and automatically pauses when you switch back to SnapByte live preview screen

- Recording camera (note: cam is blocked for privacy)
SnapByte records up to 4K, it can detect your web cam, DSLR or any camera option plugged to your computer if you browser allows usage. If any cam is missing, check browser permissions

- Recording Cam + Screen (Chrome only)
(note: cam is blocked for privacy)

- Recording Your Audio (SnapByte detects all mics connected to your system and allowed by the browser. If any mic is missing, check browser permissions)
NOTE: we do not allow audio-only recording

Step 4: Start Recording

NOTE: when recording, you must browse away from the SnapByte screen, each time you're on Snapbyte screen, recording is automatically paused.

Step 5: Stop Recording

To stop recording, return to SnapByte screen and click the "Stop Recording" button on top right.

Choose files or drag and drop files

Updated on: 15/08/2021

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