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Sharing SnapByte with 3rd Parties (customers, friends, collaborators, random people)

One of the most loved features in SnapByte is that you can share it with as many 3rd parties as possible allowing people to record videos that are uploaded to your Adilo account without those people having access to your account.

There are so much use cases for this:

- Collect feedback from customers

- Activate video communication in customer support

- Collect product reviews

- Run user-generated content campaigns

- Run video contests and viral video marketing campaigns

- Collaboration with your team, virtual assistants, contractors and remote employees

- Collect video messages from friends, family and random peoples

- Produce educational content for your audience from guests and so much more.

And it's very easy, just create a shared snap and send the link to whoever you want to record the video.

Choose files or drag and drop files

Updated on: 15/08/2021

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