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Understanding how your anti-piracy licenses & sessions are consumed

If you're a pro or business plan user then you're most likely using our anti-piracy infrastructure, the multi-drm, AES, forensic and the whole 9 yards, this short article will attempt to explain how we count your license and session usages.

Content protection doesn't happen when a viewer plays your video.

We initiate protection algorithms the moment your video is requested by a viewer, this is called "Protection at Head"

This means once a viewer lands on the page your video is embedded and video is automatically requested, we initiate the protection licensing request immediately, the same time... our forensic algorithm is fired to generate 100% unique copy of that video for the viewer.

This is how we're able to achieve content protection in real-time because we do it even before the viewer hits PLAY button on the video and as soon as the viewer clicks play, your video is ready to stream without any delays achieving the best possible viewing experience without disruptions.

This means whether the viewer ends of playing the video or not, viewing session is already licensed and forensically watermarked.

So, to really dump it down...

If your video has 100 impressions but only 62 plays, your protection licensing will be 100 used.

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Updated on: 15/08/2021

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