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Embedding Videos in Your Wordpress Site

If you're using Wordpress or similar platforms like Medium etc. this article will help you get your videos embedded.

Also if you use Wordpress plugins/themes such as Elementor, DiviBuilder, Beaver, Thrive Theme etc, this tutorial will help as well.

First thing to note: using the regular video element and insert Adilo video url ( won't work**

The reason is simple... this oEmbed function only works for the most popular platorms such as Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram, Twitter that Wordpress has pre-integrated their platform with.

This is same with plugins like DiviBuilder, Thrive Theme, Elementor etc.

We do not control this, it's only the creators of these plugins and the Wordpress development team that decide which platforms they want to integrate and want to support officially in the flagship oEmbed functionalities.

As Adilo video cloud grows popular and acquire large user base, we'll see a lot of these plugins and platforms begin to integrate direct oEmbed with us.

However embedding Adilo videos to your Wordpress website is rather too easy.

Step 1: Copy our iFrame Responsive Code

Step 2: Paste the iFrame code inside the Code element (Divi, Thrive Theme, Elementor etc).

If you are not using a profession page builder, traditional Wordpress editor also has the code element.

That's it... easy as A B C.

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Updated on: 15/08/2021

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