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[Product Feature] Enable VIRAL SHARE CTA On Your Videos

This feature is available on all account tiers!

As always, we thrive in adding awesome features to help you enhance your videos and this time we have an incredible one, it is called Viral Share!

Introducing Viral share!

As you already know, we have the email capture which allows to generate leads, but we have created this incredible feature! It only gets better! So now you can choose to use email capture or viral share and this will help drive more traffic.

This amazing feature allows your viewers to share your videos on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, FB Messenger and even Whatsapp, Amazing right?

Let’s Begin!

Please follow the steps below

Select the video and on the left side of your screen, click on Interaction tools

After selecting interaction tools, you will see three options before, during and after video

Let's continue!

When you select > Before video

You will see a little button just by the caption, Enable

After you turn on the button, you will see the dropdown that allows you to select the the Viral share option

After selecting, it shows the following platforms you want your viewers to share to
It also has an option if you want your viewers to skip , what this mean is if you allow the skip option, your viewers
can skip and watch the video, if you leave it disabled, your viewers must share the content before watching, Got it?

Note: It is entirely upto you to turn on where you want your content to be shared

There is also an option to customize your text to anything you want,
All you have to do is delete the default text and add yours!

Here is the best part, if you do not want your content to be shared just like that,
And you want to use the opportunity to drive traffic to your website or landing page
This is what you have to do
Step 1: Turn on the Custom share content and customize the custom share text to anything you want

You will also change the custom share link and add a custom image( if you like)
So when someone clicks on any of the platform you ticked earlier,
They won't be sharing your video or content to twitter for instance, they will be sharing your landingpage, website
Note: This will happen, if you added the link to the landing page or website in the box for custom link

And that's It!
Awesome right?

Let us know what you think after you try this out!

Updated on: 01/12/2023

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