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Replacing a video

Videos can be replaced from the Project page or from the Video page.

Replacing a video from the Project page

Open the Project where the video is located

Click the 3-dot icon next to the video you want to replace. In the dropdown menu that appears, click Replace Video

In the modal window that appears, select an option to set how video stats are accumulated in the new video:

Overwrite the original; build on top of stats: this option will overwrite the original video with the new video and propagates the video stats.
Overwrite the original; start new stats: this overwrites the current video and resets the video stats.

Click the Upload Replacement Video button to continue

In the upload window that appears, select or drag and drop the new video to start uploading.

Replacing a video from the Video page

The process of replacing a video from the Video page is similar to replacing from the Project page. The option is available from the dropdown menu available in the header section.

Choose files or drag and drop files

Updated on: 15/08/2021

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