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Uploaded Video Not Playing Yet (no compatible source was found for this media) + video codec issues

I uploaded my video and after upload is completed, the video is blank and does not play.

Or I uploaded my video and it's stuck at processing like this

Or you see this error when you open your video "no compatible source was found for this media"

Don't panic!

Here's what you need to know:

Once you upload an mp4 or mov video etc, we do not stream that raw video file.

We need to process the video and transform it for web streaming, this takes some time.

Depending on size and length of video, this could takes anywhere from 1 minute - 15 minutes average.

For super large and long video files (1GB+ size or 1 Hour+ length), processing time of 30 minutes+ (even up to an hour) is not uncommon.

This process is the most important part in web video streaming, it's how we make your videos play flawlessly and fast on all devices so the wait is worth the effort.

How Will I Know When There's a Problem?

1: If you upload a simple 15 minute video of say 300mb size and your video processing takes a long time (say 1 hour+) then there may be a problem.

Or 2: you uploaded a video and after many hours, it's still in processing.

Then you know something has gone wrong.

At which time... you have 3 options:

1: Try this first: simply re-upload the video... this is usually the easiest and quickest fix.

2: If after you re-upload the video and it still did not finish processing, then you most likely have a codec issue on your video file.

That's easily fixed with Handbrake

Re-encode the video using Handbrake:

It's 100% free and open source, works on all computers.

Here's a quick screenshot of how Handbrake works:

Once done, re-upload the new video... it will work flawlessly.

3: When option 1 and 2 doesn't work, get in touch with support.

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Updated on: 15/08/2021

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