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Why is my storage many times bigger than what I expected?

"I have only uploaded a 100mb video in my account but my resources counter said I've used 250+ mb of storage, why is this?"

The reason is because we encode your video into multiple resolutions, here's what happens when you upload say a 100MB 4K video.

We encode into the following video resolutions (with assumed output sizes attached)

4K -> 65mb

2K -> 60mb

1080p - 50mb

720p -> 30mb

480p - 20mb

360p - 18mb

240p -> 15mb

So even though you uploaded 1 video, we're now storing 7 copies of that same video in different resolutions, this is to enable us provide adaptive buffer-free viewing experience to your audience regardless of their internet connections.

That's why your storage value is usually higher than the total value you uploaded

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Updated on: 15/08/2021

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