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Access the video page/editor from Projects

The Video Page/Editor provides several options to customize the appearance, behaviors, security and privacy preferences etc. of your video.

To access the Video Page/Editor of a particular video from the Project page, simply click on the particular video to open the page.

The Video Page/Editor provides the following customization features:

Overview: - shows the video and analytics summary for: Impressions, Views, Watch Time, Interactions.

Customize: - this tab provides several video customization options:







**Interactions Tools****: -** provides features to add interactive content embedded inside the video.

Pixel Tracking: - enables you to add pixel tracking into your videos fo example Facebook or Google Ads tracking pixel code.

**Video Analytics**: - shows detail analytics report for the video.

**Advanced Content Security**: - provides advanced options to secure your video from unauthorized distribution and viewing.

Scheduled Publishing: - enables you to premier your video at a set date and time.

Stage: provides options to publish and/or feature the video in your Stage.

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Updated on: 15/08/2021

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