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Configuring player controls on your videos

The Controls section in the Customize tab of the video page provides several options to control the video player's behaviors and options available to the viewer.

Enable Autoplay:  enables or disables autoplay of the video. When enabled, the video autoplays on any page it is embedded although muted.

In the Controls Buttons category**,** the following options are available:

Playbar:  hides or shows the video play (progress) bar. By default, the P**laybar** is shown.

Volume:  hides or shows the volume control button on the video. When disabled, the volume button is hidden and the viewer won't be able to control the video volume. By default, the volume control button is shown.

Share: hides or shows the social share buttons on the video. By default, this option is enabled.

Chapter:  hides or shows the video chapter section button. Make sure to enable this control if your videos include chapters.

Subtitle: hides or shows the video subtitles. This option is only available if your video includes subtitles.

Settings: hides or shows the video settings buttons. Two additional options are provided for:  Playback Speed and Quality.

Playback Speed enables the viewer to select their preferred video play speed.

Quality enables the viewer to select custom video quality. By default, Adilo will select the best video quality based on factors such as the viewers internet speed.

Fullscreen hides or shows the fullscreen control button. When hidden, the viewer won't be able to watch the video in fullscreen. By default, this control button is shown.

The Control Visibility category provides options for general visibility behavior of the control buttons. Three options are available:

Show on hover: this is the default option. All available video control are shown when the user hovers over the video.

Always: this option always keeps the control buttons on the video.

Hide: hides all control buttons.

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Updated on: 15/08/2021

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