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Embedding Adilo Videos on Spayee (Part 2)

_NOTE: this is not an official Adilo tutorial, it was shared by an Adilo user (@
nagabhushana on AppSumo) who embedds on video on his Spayee site._ **_See our official tutorial here!_**

Login to Adilo

Click on the video you want to embed in spayee

Click embed & share

Go to file sharing option ( last option on the list)

Copy the file URL

Login to Spayee

In the course section click on add chapter and select video

In video option go to link ( Not Youtube or Vimeo)

Add the file link

Make sure to add the video duration manually

Boom!! Your video looks native to spayee and works like a charm.

Choose files or drag and drop files

Updated on: 15/08/2021

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