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How Do I Turn On DRM on My Videos?

**How Do I Turn on DRM On My Videos?**

Videos with DRM are now secured at project level so if you want DRM encryption on your videos then you have to upload the video into a project with DRM active.

STEP 1: On the top left hand corner on the dashboard, locate and click on Projects

STEP 2: Click on Create Project at the top right hand corner on your dashboard

STEP 3: click on the plus sign in a bracket [+] to review the Advanced project options.

STEP 4: Activate the Anti- Piracy DRM

DRM cannot be deactivated on videos or disabled on a project it has been enabled on.
Once your DRM license is exhausted, any video with DRM security stops playing until you DRM limit resets or you upgrade to a plan with higher DRM limits, so it is important to use your license cautiously. Use it only on premium video content that viewers pay to get access to such as coaching programs, copyrighted movies, online courses and so much more.
Also the video cannot be downloaded either by you or the viewer, or even by Adilo so save a copy of the video on your computer because Adilo doesn't keep a downloadable copy of the video once it's been encrypted.

Updated on: 31/05/2022

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