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How to Add Chapters to Your Videos

How to Add Chapters to Your Videos

Adding chapters to your videos help you segment your videos. Especially in cases where you have a very lengthy video, and obviously not everyone has the time to sit through a 2-hour video, that is where adding chapters to your videos comes in handy. Adding chapters actually helps you win your viewers, it helps the viewers navigate faster, they can just jump right up to what they want to see. For Instance, if your video is 35 minutes long and your viewer does not know what they will be watching for the next 20 minutes, the chapters will act as a guide or highlight, Once they see those chapters they already know what specific thing to look out for.

To add chapters to your videos is a very easy thing to do. All you need to do is:

Select the Video you want to add chapters to

At the left hand side of your dashboard, click on the dropdown titled Customize .

Go to controls to be able to activate or turn on chapters.

Click on the button beside chapter, once you do this, you have already activated chapters.

Ensure that you always save.

Then go to chapters

Click on Add a chapter

Now, all you have to do here is to add the number of seconds or minutes you want each chapter to play, then also give it a title and save.

After saving, you will see the chapters you just added on your videos and your viewers will be able to see it also and click on it.

After going through all these steps, your viewers can now easily select the chapter(s) of your video they intend to watch.

Updated on: 09/05/2022

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