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How to add custom domain to my videos

How to add custom domain to my videos

Adding a custom domain to your video(s) helps to increase credibility and also recognition.
To add a custom domain to your videos is just a straightforward task to perform, this feature allows your video(s) to play on the specific domain you wish to add. The process is just as easy as the feature, just click on the video you want to add a custom domain to, then go to project settings, click on add custom domain and then add the custom domain, also you can verify a previously added custom domain if it has not been verified.

See below for a step by step illustration
Click on the project

After selecting the video,
Click on project settings which can be found at the lower left-hand corner of your dashboard.

When you must have clicked on the project settings, the next thing to do is to scroll down just a little bit till you see a caption by your right-hand side with the caption Please add/verify a domain, then click on it.

Click on add domain

After typing the correct custom domain you want to add to your videos, click on the caption continue

Note: In order for your custom domain to work you'll need to log in to where you bought your domain and add a CNAME record that points www at, after doing this, click on the caption complete

Updated on: 01/06/2022

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