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How to Enable Pause on Scroll

How to Enable " Pause on Scroll"

The Pause on scroll feature is an amazing feature you would absolutely love
Do you want to know why?

This feature is simply amazing because it helps you track your viewer’s behaviour at any time the visitor scrolls away from your video to another part of the page and goes to another tab or browser entirely, the video pauses automatically, when the viewer returns back to the video, it starts to play, this is mindblowing and also amazing because now you know the video plays when it is the focal point of the page visitor(s).

Plus this way you get the most engagement on your videos.

Go to project settings

Then scroll down and enable the caption titled Pause on Scroll

Note: Paste the code provided just before </body> tag on your website

Always remember to save!

Updated on: 08/06/2022

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