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How to enable watermarking for your videos

How to enable watermarking for your videos

The Watermarking technology creates a unique trackable watermark for your videos, it is invisible to the human eye, it is like injecting a watermark into the DNA of your videos. It is an A.I( artificial intelligence) algorithm that creates a 100% unique copy of every video for each viewer in real-time. This is the most advanced anti-piracy & content security technology you will ever see. It prevents all kinds of piracy you can ever think of, it protects digital products and the best part is Adilo got you covered! and it is very easy to activate

All you have to do is :

Go to projects

Click on the project you would like to enable the watermarking on.

Then you click on project setting which is at the lower left-hand corner of your dashboard.

For the next step below, all you have to do here is scroll down just a little, click on the button just right by the caption Dynamic Visual Watermarking, and activate
Note: After you have clicked on dynamic visual watermarking, there is a caption embedded metadata, the metadata contains information that can be used to track a viewer at any time. when you enable watermarking for your videos, it creates a copy with metadata. As you can see beneath Embedded metadata, there are little boxes with the captions; IP address, Timestamp, Deter text, full name(which has to be injected) and geolocation. It is up to you to activate which of the options you would like to be embedded in the metadata of each copy of your video.

Always remember to save

NOTE: Once a forensic watermark is added to a video it cannot be removed.
Watermarking can be done in real-time and session-based
Realtime watermarking: is done on the fly, this means your contents are watermarked in real-time as the video is streaming, this also means that it is not pre- watermarked.
Session-based watermarking: creates or generates a copy of the video containing metadata information that can be used to track the video to that particular viewer anytime through device fingerprint, IP address and also user ID, so if your video has over 50 views, for example, each time it is been watched there is a copy with a forensic watermark on it.
Note: If a viewer watches the video or consumes any of your digital content again, the video has a new watermark that contains metadata for that specific viewing session.

Updated on: 08/04/2022

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