How to get the link to your video channel

How to get the link to your video channel is one lingering question that seems so difficult to figure out
But hey! Come on! Don’t you trust Adilo? We are here to make things super easy and comfy for you? So this is just as easy as snapping your fingers.
So yes, you can ask the questions: How do I get the link to my video channels?
How do I copy the link to share?

Let us show you how:

Simply go to Settings

And select channels

Then click on the channel

Now the only thing left to do is to copy the channel link

Now you can share!

Note: Incase you come across something like this(See screenshot below),
Do not panic! all you have to do is copy the name of the video channel and paste on the empty space that says; create URL to publish......

Then you can now copy the link

Note: Always remember to save

This was easy right?!
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