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How to Show Opt-In Forms In My Videos & Collect Leads

How to Show Opt-In Forms In My Videos & Collect Leads

STEP 1: Click on the video at the lower left hand side of the screen

STEP 2: Click on Interaction tools

STEP 3: After opening Interaction tools, you'll see 3 options
1. Before Video
This will show your opt-in form before the video plays.

2. During Video
This allows you to set when the opt-in form will display on the video mid-stream

3. After video
If you choose this option, the opt-in form will show when the video finishes playing.

Choose any of them.

If you clicked on the caption Before videos, follow the steps below

After this step, Click on Save.

NOTE: This feature enables you to input what you want the viewers to see before the beginning of the video.
There are just a whole lot of options to explore here.
For instance you can edit the upper text, lower text, add tags
and choose if You want the viewer to see the caption for just the email address,with or without surname, last name and so on.
You can also choose to turn on the caption for Phone number or turn it off.

To Show Opt-In Forms in During Video, Go through the following,

Click on the caption During Video

After this step, Click on Save

This caption enables you to show Opt-In form during the video as the name implies.
Here you can choose to set a timer, for instance let the video play for like 10 seconds before the Opt-In Form starts to show.
It has the same options for opt-in forms before video begins and more.

To Show Opt-In Forms After Video
Click on During Video

After this clicking on the caption After videos, it takes you to another drop down More Videos

Above You see the caption Capture Email and also Call-to-Action
Note: The Opt-In form will appear after the video.

Updated on: 21/03/2022

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