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Importing video from Vimeo to Adilo

Importing videos from Vimeo to Adilo

This import option is great news for users who are migrating from Vimeo to Adilo. You do not have to go through all that stress of having to upload your videos one after the other.

In a few clicks, you can have all your videos in Adilo with the import feature.

Why You Should Migrate from Vimeo to Adilo.
With Adilo, you get to enjoy unlimited bandwidth and save big on your video hosting. You also get anti-piracy content security on your videos.

Before we begin, there are some things you need to set in your Vimeo account to make the import process swift and stressfree!
There are some things you need to ensure are in place
Make sure your videos are set to public

Make sure that under privacy where you are asked " where can my videos be embedded, you select ANYWHERE

Now let us show you **how to Connect Your Vimeo Account and Migrate**.
When you open your dashboard, click on settings, then integration. Click on the “new integration” option to integrate Vimeo with Adilo. When the integrations window modal pops up, find Vimeo, click on it and continue.

This image below shows a box where you can give your integration any name of your choice.

After giving the name of your choice, click the “continue” button. You will be redirected to a page where you give the authorization to sync your Vimeo videos to Adilo.

After the authorization, the integration is complete. And the image below is what you will see.

If you want to cancel the integration, click on the ellipses in front of the integration. There, you will see an option to disconnect.

To import videos from Vimeo to Adilo, go to your projects. Click on the project you want to import videos into and select the import option.

Select Vimeo, then mark all the videos you want to import and hit the “upload” button. Once it is done uploading, click on “done.” Once you are done, you will be redirected to your Adilo account where the videos you imported are located.

Once you have your videos in Adilo, you can choose what to do with them. Try out this amazing feature and tell us what you think of it in the comment section.

Updated on: 23/05/2023

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