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My Resolution Switcher Is Not Working, How To Fix It

Sometimes, we see questions like: My resolution switcher is not working, How do I fix this?

I enabled the prefer HD button but my videos do not play in HD, why?

What if I tell you there is an easy fix for this?

First, I will show you what you haven’t been doing to make the resolution switcher work for you.

Here is what you have been doing; you have only enabled the Prefer HD button, which is not wrong.

But, for this feature to work properly and for you to enjoy this, you also need to enable the caption titled Quality

And save!

Now that's all you have to do to make it work

Once you have done this and saved, when you play the video, click on the settings icon

You can see all the different resolutions you can switch your videos to

You can also do this at the project level, all you have to do is select the project> go to project settings

Then, scroll down to where you see the caption titled Control Buttons

Now, all that is left is for you to enable Prefer HD and Quality

Note: always remember to save!

This way, it is automatically enabled/ activated on all your videos in that particular project.

Works like magic right?

Try it out !

Updated on: 22/09/2022

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