My Video is not playing, shows " The Content You're trying to access is private"

Have you encountered or seen this error message on your video and you don't know why?

Okay! calm your nerves, it's not a big deal, we can fix this

Now let us tell you why!
When you click on your video and the dropdown captioned Customize, you will find an option titled Privacy

Now, when you click on Privacy, you see another dropdown captioned Inherit Project Default

If you click on the dropdown Inherit Project Default, you will see another option just below it titled Custom

Click on Custom , after you have selected custom , you will see some other options like: Who can watch my video?
Now if you clicked on the dropdown beneath this option(Who can watch my video?) and selected ( people with private links)

Note: For you to be able to access this content, you must watch the video with the link provided

But if you try to watch it with the link directly above the video after activating these options above

You will get the error message: The Content You're trying to access is private
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