The Gear/Settings Icon on My Videos Is Not Clickable

The Gear/Settings Icon on your videos is not clickable because it has not been activated.
To activate, go through the following steps

STEP ONE: Click on the caption Customize

STEP 2: Click on Control

STEP 3: Click on the dropdown with the caption Inherit Project Defaults

STEP 4: Click on Custom

STEP 5: Scroll down and click on the caption Playback Speed and Quality

STEP 6: After activating Playback Speed and Quality, click on Save

STEP 7: Play the video and click on the setting,

After you go through these steps, the Gear/Settings Icon on your video will be clickable
Alternatively, If you want to do this for all videos in your project,
Follow the steps below

STEP 1: Click on the Project setting at the lower left corner

STEP 2: Scroll down, click on playback speed and quality

STEP 3: After following the steps above, click on save.

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